Right off balance

The power has finally shifted beyond return. Eldest who is fast approaching 16 is calling the shots, completely. Refusals, confrontations, abuse, assaults, absconding. Apart from sex & drugs, for which I guess we should be grateful, she is going full gusto on teenage behaviours fueled by anger and trauma. I’ve had enough. Really enough. Not … Continue reading Right off balance

Banging My Drum

I’m not a big one for celebrating Christmas and New Year, bah humbug and all that, just seems like too much effort! But it is the time of year when the world talks about new starts, resolutions, reflection on the past 12 months and planning ahead for the next 12. It is hard to avoid … Continue reading Banging My Drum


When I was almost 17 I found out that my dad had been having an affair for two years with a parent helper at the school where he taught. My Mum worked in the same school as him, they travelled together. How he managed it I’m not sure, but it would have taken a lot … Continue reading Betrayal

Managing Anxiety

Something that has developed in me over recent years, that I don’t remember ever experiencing before, is anxiety. It really became a problem about 2 years ago when I had a major meltdown one afternoon that resulted in me being taken to my GP the next day by Mr who was very concerned about me. … Continue reading Managing Anxiety

Setting up this blog

I’m starting to get stressed… When I decided this weekend that I wanted to write  a more honest blog than ever before, and one that my non-adopting (and too close to the situation for brutal honesty) friends and family wouldn’t get wind of, I once again stepped into the world of websites, platforms, themes, formats … Continue reading Setting up this blog