5 thoughts on “Betrayal”

  1. We have huge issues with teen daughter regarding her mobile and tablet so i do sympathise. She has become obsessed with them and is very devious in trying to outsmart us. She has now had her phone removed (following inappropriate use and a massive meltdown) but still has tab. Over the years we have had to pick our battles and let some things go at least for our own sanity! Its really tough, take care x x


    1. This is the latest in phone issues, she’s had a phone (on and off) for 2 years now. Constant battles and confiscations. This time was particularly lengthy and at a time when built trust seemed very tangible. Feel such a fool.


  2. I also have significant issues over control with my adopted son, 16. It is incredibly hard working out which issues are worth battling over. Trust is so important but I think it seems to be much less important for teens in general than we parents can contemplate.


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